​Sajda by Suman founded in 2014 with Suman taking her dream to give the average consumer a well crafted, luxurious, elegant piece to reality. Suman's style and touch bring you designs that are unique from what you would see in any store. At Sajda we thrive to be different and our clients seem to agree with it. From weddings to an evening outfit, Sajda accomodates any one of your needs. For those who want to take their outfits to another step of extraordinary, take a look at our bespoke designs specially crafted and tailored for the client themselves.  

Suman has always been keen on being part of the fashion industry from a young age. Having graduated with a masters degree in Art, Suman has accomplished a lot before pursuing her dream in fashion. After winning titles of Mrs. India East Coast, Miss Punjaban NY, and host of her own tv show, Suman decided to start Sajda in 2014 with a desire to share her talent with others. As a young brand, Sajda is quickly becoming known for their exclusive and distinct approach to bespoke designer wear.

With Nishi joining her mother, Sajda has evolved into creating stunning designs for the modern South Asian fashionistas.  Together they help fabricate Bollywood dreams into reality for the brides and fashion lovers. Sajda prides itself in its artistic proficiency and upcoming trends. Sajda’s exclusivity comes from their hand made embroidery to their unique in-house designs. ​​