When did you start Sajda by Suman?

Sajda by Suman started back in March 2014 when Suman wanted to portray her love and creativity for fashion. Over time people started to inquire about her style and where she would get her designs. They didn't know that she created these designs herself.  Slowly over time, her daughter Nishi decided to join her and make a change in her career from finance to fashion. 

What is the hidden meaning of the label?

There are two meanings to Sajda. One is to dress yourself in a perfect manner and the other is to devote yourself to god in Urdu. 

At what point did you decide SJS would begin?

Suman decided to turn her passion into business when we started getting inquiries about our designs that we wore to weddings, events and parties. People started to ask where they can buy them. 

What have been your highlights?

We have been open for about 3 years now. London Fashion Week has truly been a great experience for us. We noticed how Londons market is 10 years behind the current trends of Indian fashion. Plus no Indian fashion designer has walked the ramps during London Fashion week. Many people were exposed to Indian fashion for the first time and were amazed to see the beauty behind it all. 

What's so different between both of your pieces?

Suman has more of a traditional taste. She understands the cultural values behind each design which helps relate to a certain market in the western society that many people have yet to experience. Her designs have their own elegance and uniqueness. Woman of her generation are inspired by her timeless designs. 

Nishi has a completely different taste. She likes to bring an edge to her modern inspired designs. She gets her inspiration from the western culture and adds the Indian touch to it. She loves to use Indian embroidery, Indian fabrics, and colors to mix it with the western style. Nothing exists in NYC of such thing. Eventually, she wants her designs to be featured on the red carpet and gain celebrity endorsements. 


We combine our creativity with today's current trends. As a mother-daughter duo, we are able to feed off of each other and give each other ideas. We both learn from each other every day. 

How do your pieces differ from other labels?

Each of our pieces is individually catered to each of our clients. We are fully attentive from the process of choosing the fabrics to the dress fittings. Everything is hand sewn and hand embroidered. The beauty behind all of this is any piece you get from us is in itself is the only piece that exists. That is what makes us exclusive and unique. You are not to find anything like this elsewhere. 

What has been your popular piece to date?

To be honest, we have many popular pieces. There are designs that Suman and Nishi both create that are loved by their generation clientele. 

What are the 2017 plans?

Our plan is to open a showroom in Central NJ and then eventually open up in Manhattan NYC. 

We all have downfalls, how do you both pick each other up?

There are some things that each of them know that the other doesn't. We are able to help guide each other in many different aspects. Every day is a new learning process for us. 

How long does it take to design a custom made?

Depending on the type of work and style you are looking for, it generally takes about 4-6 weeks. For bridal outfits, it can take up to 12 weeks. 

What's the best stage of your design process?

It is so rewarding to see our clients during their fittings. For them to walk out in our outfits and have the whole world stare at them because they look amazing is the best feeling. 

Are all pieces made in the US?

Our production takes place in Punjab, Delhi, and Bombay. The design process takes place in house in NYC/NJ and is relayed back to our factories in India where our production manager oversees each individual clients outfit as per our design.